Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Been in my basket #1

Topshop floral and fringe top - £35 
Zara shirt - £29.99
Urban Outfitters tee - £14 in the sale 
Urban Outfitters grey cardigan - £12 in sale 

When I saw the Topshop top in the store my friend immediately pointed it out as being hideous but I absolutely loved it. I wondered round the shop and couldnt stop thinking about it so I just had to get it and I'm so glad I did. It's just up my street - dark floral, fringing, autumn colours. Love, love, love. I'm going to see The Killers on monday so I might wear it there with a maxi skirt, Misguided black denim and leather sleeves jacket and JC style shoe boots. I'm sure I'll be doing a post on what I end up wearing to The Killers. 

I'd been searching for a white shirt for ages but none I saw had been quite right. They were either too see-through or the wrong cut or fabric. That was until I spotted this one from Zara. It has three quarter sleeves, which will be great to showcase a nice watch, a flattering cut and soft, silky fabric. It's also one of those tops that would be perfect for work, but then perfect to wear out after too. 

And finally my Urban Outfitter sale finds. I'd been considering this top when it was full price but I never got round to buying it. It's quite oversized so I like being able to wear it different ways, for example off the shoulder as shown above. I think it looks great with a maxi skirt or jeans too, which is good because it is designed to be crop. The cardigan is great too as the fabric isnt itchy and doesnt have full sleeves. For some reason thats a pet hate of mine. I'm always rolling my sleeves up. 

So, thats what has been in my basket this week. Pay day on friday, which i'm so excited about, even if most of it does need to go into savings. 
What's been in your baskets or your payday treats? 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

A week in photos #5

- Cup of tea in a starbucks mug, chocolate & candle
- Starbucks & make up swatch hand, pumpkin I made of my boss, Jack Wills changing rooms
- Starbucks in mac, Topshop, mac, Jack Wills 
- Biggest salad ever, soup, mango, All Gold chocolates 
- Jack Wills, Topshop jumper & uo skirt outfit, mac, Jack Wills 
- GU dessert, Mini champagne & a turkish delight 
- Love from siri, 100 bloglovin followers, Kip from ND
- A guy ruining Neil's Art Attack life, me and Siri falling out, long hair & dressing gown
- Leather jacket and maxi dress outfit, Topshop order, Topshop items

Saturday, 27 October 2012

One skull stein.. Three ways.

One of my biggest hobbies is taking something and getting creative with it and using it as something its not intended to be. The other day I ordered this skull stein glass from Urban Outfitters for £14. They have free delivery until the end of the month so I recommend checking out their stuff asap to save yourself a few pennies. I love their interior range and am always looking at their new in home section. I also skull interior items but I particularly like this because I knew I could do different things with it, so I thought I would show you guys some ways in which you could use this. 

Example 1 

Its main function.. to drink from.

Example 2 

For storage. Eg - brushes, pens, combs, nail files, etc. 

Example 3

As a vase. My mum is a florist so I was lucky to have these flowers near by, but you can get them and the oasis really cheap. A cute way to add a girly edge to something dark. 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Re-wearable halloween pieces

The one thing I hate about fancy dress is how much it costs to buy an outfit that you'll probably not get a chance to wear again, unless you want to go as the same thing the next time which in my opinion takes the fun out of it. So this year I thought, right, i'm going to find something that I can make look halloweeny but can also be used for other occasions or just general wear. All these pieces are from asos. Luckily, at the moment the gothic trend is around at the moment so theres a lot of spikes, skulls, leather and gorgeous blacks and metallic fabrics available. For me, the cobweb dress and maxi skirt below are perfect! Paired with some studs and skull accessories and OPI nail varnish and you're good to go. Who said fancy dress had to be tacky aye? 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

A week in photos #4

Please dont leave UO tray
- Primark zeb & lep antibacteria wipes, Nina Nesbitt itunes, magazines, chocolate skull lollies 
- UO delivery, night out, skull stein, sleeping after the night out (i always get snapped kipping)
- Jager shots, my fur headband, leather jacket crop top maxi skirt outfit, blogging 
- Photos from nights out 
- Asos delivery, nandos, healthy breakfast of a smoothie & special K, ..more nandos (no guilt)
- Limited edition for stand up for cancer pink lucozade 
- More pink lucozade & glamour 

Monday, 15 October 2012

Missguided Wishlist

Missguided has to be my favourite online store at the moment. I'm always checking their 'new in' section to find what new pieces they have that I can lust after until payday. I recommend their exclusive Peace & Love range especially. Not only are the items great but they offer regular discounts and postage offers. I'm one of those people that will be put off buying something online if the postage is expensive and if I get a free delivery code it often tempts me into buying things more. Luckily for Missguided's customers, they often offer next day delivery offers which is even better! Not forgetting offers for those lucky enough to still be students. Their website is very current and helps advise the customer on current trends through their 'Trends' section, blog and multiple social networking links. Their customer service is also exceptionally helpful. I had a problem with my order a few weeks ago and within minutes I was informed of it and offered a 10% discount for my next order. 

The items above are the ones that I am pining after the most at the moment. The cross shirt I already have and I absolute love. I'm very tempted to get it in white too. Another wonder of the store - lots of colour options! The shirt is the kind of top you can wear in the day and on a night out. On a night out I wear it with a bralet underneath as its sheer and usually pair it with leather look leggings and heels. In the day I layer it up. I shall try and do an outfit post for you soon. One of the jackets above would look perfect with it! 

The material mix jackets are probably my favourites. I like that these are less obvious though. The one with the wool sleeves I love due to being able to roll the sleeves up easy to three quarter length to show off a watch or bracelets and also because it'll be warm and still edgy. The other one I adore due to being obsessed with my denim jackets but this one in black denim with leather sleeves is so on trend and can be teamed with nearly anything and still be eye catching and quirky. 

I think the dress has a very wintery feel to it with the berry trend bottom half and gold and white studded top. The cut is also very flattering. Perfect! It's also available in green and black. And the shoes.. well - studs, skulls and a take on Jeffrey Campbell. How could they not be on the wishlist aye? 

I'll leave some links and prices below so it's easy for you all to head straight over to the items you like. What are you all liking from Misguided at the moment? 

1 - Black studded cross shirt - £19.99 
2 - Leather Jacket with contrast wool sleeves - £47.99
3 - Suede lace up boots - £34.99 
4 - Mini skull slipper shoes - £29.99
5 - Black denim jacket with leather sleeves - £34.99 
6 - Bustier dress - £29.99
7 - Studded western ankle boots - £45.99 
8 - Dipdye fringe top - £21.99 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

A Week In Photos #3

I should of posted this Sunday but I was too eager to upload my birthday haul, so this week of photos contains some photos from last week too. 

- Primark Pyjamas & socks, Misguided cross shirt, Soup and roll, Birthday text.
- Drinks, Cocktail menu, Mini burgers at Ruby's, Store magazines. 
- Spring rolls, Keen birthday card, Lindor, Chocolate & tea. 
- MK watch with white nails, Birthday calendar, Flight 447 plane disaster documentary (i'm a nerd for stuff like that), A night out.