Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A week in photos #11

- The little things, strawberry tictacs, Essie nails & DVF headphones
- Snow days
- New Years antics (bit late.. The january effect)
- Topshop buys, Shopping, food, too many shifts
- pizza, moto, late Harvey nichols present, buds
- Nandos & holiday booking
- New twitter to follow! 

For all of you that follow my other twitter at @threeblackcrown, just a little note to say I'm going to mostly be using my personal account from now on. I just find it easier and its where most of my life is at present aha. I'll still be using my other one for blog matters so feel free to follow both, but if you're keen to see more regular updates I would recommend following my main one (shown above) @KayleighRead 
There is a link in the sidebar near the top of this page if you find it easier. 
Leave some of your twitter usernames and links too. I'd love to follow some of you guys too x 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Little Green Monster

I'm not one for sales, I usually don't find anything I like and I hate the whole manic atmosphere that comes with them. However, when they're online they're not so bad. I must admit I didn't find much online either. I was hoping a lot of the things I liked on asos would be discounted but much to my dismay they weren't. This little piece that I'd been lusting after for a while was though, so i'm very pleased. You may of seen this in my christmas wishlist and seen as in I didnt get it (I had lots of other lovely things though) I decided to treat myself to it for a fraction of the price. So what is it? Its the lime Marc by Marc logo pouch. It came in different colours but I really liked the lime. I think its mainly a camera/phone pouch but sometimes if I cant be bothered taking a bag ill just chuck some other bits in it too like money, keys and a lipstick. I will mainly use it for my camera though, as i'd been after a pretty case for a while. Originally it was about £40 but I got it for £22! And look how pretty the packaging was. It came in a little Harvey Nichols gift bag and was wrapped in their signature paper and secured with a bow. 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

A week in photos #10 - The last/highlights of 2012

- Christmas presents, Winter Wonderland Yankee, Haircut, Work christmas do
- Dog evils..again, Chinese, Caviar nails, night out
- Old Bottle of Southern Comfort <3
- My favourite outfit (Missguided sequin blazer & red hat)
- YSL ring box & stag ring holder
- Year Highlights..
- Trips to Penarth 
- Seeing The Killers live
- My America trip to Miami, New York, LA and Vegas
- Being in Times Square
- Graduating 

And my final favourite photo comes from when I was in New York.
What a year! On to 2013..
Happy New Year!