Friday, 15 June 2012

The tourist

Heading to the airport for America at 2.30am and i've only just finished packing, after rushing round for the last two days trying to sort everything out. I'll be back in three weeks with lots of tales and photos i'm sure x

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Urban Outfitters & Asos Haul

Just ordered a few pieces from UO and Asos. The coloured jeans are a bit of a risk for me as i'm petite and never really wear jeans or trousers. White is also risky, i'm not sure if they're acceptable anymore but when I used to own a pair I lived in them.. (until an unfortunate drunken trip that is) 
I'm so gutted the UO sparkle and fade dress was sold out, but I had to include it anyway. 

1 - Blue ASOS jeans - £32 
2 - White ASOS jeans - £30 
3 - ASOS white crochet top - £20 
4 - ASOS retro sunglasses - £12
5 - ASOS long back black top - £30 
6 - UO sparkle and fade dress - £65
7 - UO skirt - £40 
8 - UO nude cardigan - £38 
9 - UO dress - (cant remember/refind it sorry. Was either £70 something or £100)

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Your love is like Las Vegas

Two weeks today I shall be on a flight to America, so I thought I would dedicate a post to it! I'm so excited. A month of travelling around. We're starting in New york, then heading to Cali, Miami, Vegas and LA. I'm hoping we get to go to San Francisco at some point too. We've already booked a few things including seeing the Lion King on broadway, swimming with dolphins in Miami, a helicopter trip over the GrandCanyon, an LA tour and some other things but i'm too excited to remember. Packing is becoming a bit of a bitch though. It's such a long time and i'm inevitably going to be buying so much, so I have no idea what to take. I'm going shopping this week so I shall do a holiday shop/packing post soon.