Thursday, 29 November 2012

Been in my basket #3

Blue necklace Topshop - £14
H&M neon necklace - £6.99
Asos aztec pom pom clutch - £40
YSL arty ring (bought for my 21st a while ago but looks good with the bag)
Gift bags - £1.00 - £1.50 at Primark 
Embellished black top Topshop - £50 
Grey and red fingerless gloves from Urban Outfitters - £14
Leather sleeved grey top from Asos - £25 
River Island embellished shorts - £45
Born free tank top/dress - £16 

Recently my style has taken a very monotone approach. I love things that are boho, especially in summer, but during winter I like to take the darker approach on that with lots of things like heavy embellishment, fringing and aztec prints. 
 - The embellished top from Topshop is absolutely gorgeous, the photographs definitely dont do it justice. When I saw it in store I picked up the extremely heavy piece and dreaded looking at the price tag. Theres so much detail on it and because its all black and doesnt restrict you to either gold or silver, it was perfect for me! To my surprise it was only £50. I know that still sounds bad but considering the detail and the fact that something basic in Topshop costs about £36 anyway I thought it was so good! Perfect for the christmas period with black disco pants and red shoe boots. 
 - The shorts are also great for the christmas season. I think I might wear them to my works christmas party. That is a while away though so I'll probably get impatient and wear them before that and have to find something else. What i love about these is that they have an elasticated, draw string waist and loose fit, which makes them perfectly comfortable and flattering. I'll wear them with a loose shirt tucked in and heels. 
- The fairisle gloves and born free tank I love wearing together because of the colours. With a leather jacket, fur headpiece and jeans I think it gives an effortless look. 
- The gift bags are from Primark. I thought I would mention them as they are so vintage looking, cute and cheap. Very christmassy and perfect for presents for everyone. 
- The asos aztec pom pom bag is probably my star buy. It was sold out when I saw it featured on someones blog and I was so gutted! But on friday night one finally came into stock so I quickly purchased it. Inconveniently just after the 25% off had finished. I still got 10% off though so its not so bad. Its so perfect for me - aztec, fringing, blues, whites and greys and a good size. I love it! 
- The necklaces are also favourites of mine. I'll most probably team the blue one with my new bag. I'm loving the neon pops of colour in accessories and I know I'll be buying a lot more of it. 
- The dior gift bag doesnt actually contain stuff for me. I braved the boots points event the other night which was absolutely rammed. My dads christmas present is inside. Thought i'd include this due to the bag being pretty and because it is something I've bought. 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

I'm sure most of you have already heard of this product and hopefully for good reason because I found it amazing! A few weeks ago, I popped into town to buy some new hair products and ended up getting my hair styled by a Bumble & Bumble stylist. She used the Bumble & Bumble surf spray on my hair and when she did it I liked it but she went a bit nuts and I ended up looking like a lion but I knew the product itself had potential. From reading previous reviews I knew the surf spray was pricey and was about £20 odd pounds but luckily they now sell the mini version which is £8.50! I definitely recommend this if you're a first time buyer of it and it isn't too expensive to trial it. My hair is naturally wavy but this product made it so much better. I was told by the stylist to apply it more to the roots and then scrunch it. I did this on my hair after I got out of the shower and then when it dried I applied more and this was the outcome. In these pictures I have used no styling tools or anything, it is literally just the spray and playing with it with my hands. By applying it to the roots it gives so much volume and makes it feel so much thicker. The only downside of this is the texture it leaves. Of course it's a salt product so it dries out the hair and does make it feel a bit strawy, but I think it's worth it for the style. Other plus points are that it smells great and is great for styling up-dos too as it makes it thick and sturdy. Have any of you guys tried this product? 

Lipstick in first photos - Mac 'Media'

Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Week In Photos #7

- Night out 
- Bailey scared of fireworks, The Killers, The Killers ticket, Ojon session
- Company & new stag slippers, Asos delivery, chain bracelets, Eylure Chelsea lashes
- Cardiff shopping, fireworks, ipod, Gossip girl 
- Chain bracelets & Bloomingdales make up bag
- Prawn cocktail crisps, the young apprentice (classic screenshop), night out, alcohols

This is more of a two weeks in photo kind of post cause I got a virus and was too sick to do anything for about a week. Back on form now though and ready to blog again. Hope everyones well & had a fun week x 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Been in my basket #2

- Miss Selfridge leopard playsuit - £38 
- Bumble & Bumble surf spray mini - £8.50 (post coming soon) 
- Topshop studded collar grey jumper - £45
- Asos electric blue pointed shoes - £15 sale 
- Skull, cut out shoulder shirt - Primark - £7! 
- Primark pj shorts & socks £3 & £2
- Topshop bracelets £4.50 sale 
- Topshop black lace cross dress - £45
- Essie Thigh High & Mac Media
- New Look Silver cross & skull necklace & cross studs - £3.99
- Urban Outfitters skull money box - £15
- New Look moustache tee - £7.99 

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Just BeKors

 If you previously read my Michael Kors watches post, you'll know how much I love them! I'm obsessed with watches and think they're worth the extra money as they're long lasting. I also have a crown tattoo on my wrist, so for work purposes I think its more professional to have it covered or just have below my tattoo so I can easily move the watch up if I do need to cover it. It was recently my birthday and one of these was supposed to be my present but I couldn't decide which one I wanted quick enough as I wear gold and silver equally. The gold and tortoise one is my absolute favourite though! I did get some money for my birthday and I had that watch saved in my asos basket ready to go! But then something amazing happened.. for me anyway. Asos had an app on their facebook website which basically involved spinning a wheel and receiving anything from 10% - 90%. Hoooowever, the app was broken! This meant most people were getting 90%! Asos obviously clocked on to the error and werent giving people their codes. This caused everyone to go a bit mental and start messaging asos abuse. Anyway, long story short, they offered everyone who played a 30% discount. By adding both watches to my basket I saved a massive amount of money. I think it was over £100. The silver watch was £179 so I basically had it for more than half price. I have had some links taken out of them so what I will say is, even though my wrists are small anyway, the watch straps are quite large. Sorry I left the plastic on in some of the photos too. I've paired the watches with some of my other accessories to give you an idea of how I like to wear them. 

Michael Kors - purchased from asos but available in other stores 
Michael Kors Tortoiseshell & Gold Chronograph Watch - £229
Michael Kors Silver Dial Bracelet Watch - £179

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll - The Killers Outfit & Experience

If you follow me on twitter you'll know I haven't shut up about going to see The Killers. Well yeah, that happened on Monday night! I was so excited and had been planning my outfit for weeks with one big question lingering.. What is concert attire? Festival wear is pretty easy but an indoor gig is a bit trickier. I'm only 5"1 so I wanted to wear heels so that I could see, but after seeing Professor Green in the summer I knew that was a bad plan, due to all the bottles on the floor and pushing. I considered wearing my MissGuided JC lookaline shoe boots but in the end just opted for my comfy converse. The Killers was surprisingly calmer, I didn't get pushed at all. My friend and I had the boys with us though so we looked like the couples that just stand around singing. There was a lot of that. The Killers were amazing though! They didn't talk very much which was a bit disappointing but the music was faultless and they played all my favourites including Reasons unknown, Here with me, The way it was, Jenny was a friend of mine and of course, Mr Brightside, even though they played that first, ever avoiding the cliche. Anyway, back to my outfit. With my converse I wore a midi grey skirt from Topshop which was £20, my Topshop floral and fringe top previously blogged about and my MissGuided leather and denim jacket. I thought it looked quite edgy and I felt really comfy but still dressed up. My accessories included my silver Michael Kors watch and a few Topshop skull and cross bracelets. Ohh and for my hair I tried the Bumble and Bumble surf spray which I am soooo impressed by. I will post a review on that in the next few days. Sorry if this was a bit of rambling post and I hope this helps anyone with any future gigs coming up x

Monday, 5 November 2012

Pining for #2

- Topshop Sick Tee - Sold out, cry. I'm hoping it comes back in stock £18
- Diane Von Furstenberg heart headphones - £20 
- Cool Story Bro Tee - £22
- Chanel Tweed Bronser Blush - £33
- Urban Outfitters Deco Cactus - £15
- Zara top - £19.99
- Topshop double layer skirts - £20 
- Urban Outfitters chain bracelet - £14 Also available in gold. 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

A week in photos #6

Chicken Tikka Masala take-away, mint chutney & pops, cute goodnight text, Primark shopping
 - Praline mocha Starbucks BOGOF, Blue shoes, Arrival of The Killers tickets, Onesie 
 - Diet coke advert, This weeks ipod songs 
 - Book shelf with Chanel book, The Great Gatsby & The olsens 
 - Framed Chanel 
 - Short onesie, Online shopping on the Mac, Chocolates, Waking up to only half my cd collection