Monday, 25 March 2013

Gig: The Script #3 Tour

 Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to get to see The Script on their #3 UK tour. I bought tickets in November so it was a long awaited gig, but definitely worth it. The doors opened at 6 but it was pouring down so we decided against the massive queue that apparently had started at 9am, and went to TGI fridays for cocktails and some JD grub and just watched the queues from the window. At around 8 we walked straight into the gig, grabbed a drink and pushed our way to the front - much to some girls dismay. 

They performed brilliantly and did all my favourites, including 'If you could see me now', 'If you ever come back' and 'Breakeven'. They did however leave out 'If you see Kay'. They'll have to serenade me another time I guess. They interacted with the crowd loads, which I think is a must for a gig. They even rang a girls ex boyfriend and sang 'Nothing' to him down the phone. Doesn't get a lot more personal than that. They finished the evening with 'Hall of fame' and some fire and glitter. What else could you want aye. The support act were really good too. I actually went home and got the album. They were a Dublin band called 'The original rudeboys'. The name makes me cringe but we'll try and ignore it. 

The Script are going to be performing at V festival this year so if you're lucky enough to be going definitely get ready to be seriously entertained! 

For my outfit I wore denim shorts, black tights, black wedges, a black asos top with a long cross back and an orange and red Topshop necklace. I wore my hair in a loose bun to keep my cool. (I wish the girl infront of me had done that, instead of it sticking to me all night) 

Monday, 18 March 2013

A week in photos #13

- Iphone decoration, Elle mag with KG gift, Ice Tea, Ciate nails

-Topshop necklace, Office orange stud shoes, Primark haul

- Hat wearing, hazelnut coffee, Night out, Marc Jacobs iphone case
- A night out 

- Fruit & Special K, The Script serenading me, Run with the dog, playing with teddies in work

- Roadtrip to Bristol to see Lawson

- Roadtrip, sad to come back to Cardiff faces

- Django, Limited redbull grazia and asos goodies, Red Nose day

- Watching the Wales game, Cardiff celebrations, the aftermath of said celebrations

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Tiger Fever

I'm sure most of you have seen the Kenzo tiger jumper and tees taking over already but i've been pining after one for so long, so I made it my mission to find cheaper alternatives. With an expensive summer coming up I cant afford to buy the real thing, not to mention its sold out and the real versions are only available on ebay for extortionate prices. I managed to find three Kenzo style jumpers, one from ebay which is just a fake (a good one at that) and two Topshop tiger inspired ones. All three I think would look amazing with big statement necklaces. I shall let you know my take on them when they arrive. 

Ebay - Click me

Topshop - Click me 
Topshop - Click me