Monday, 30 July 2012

America comedown

Much to my dismay, I have returned back to the UK after an amazing trip! First stop was New York! My suitcase wasnt such a fan, but I was. For anyone heading there make sure you check out Century 21 for designer items at great prices. The next place was Miami where we stayed in South beach and swam with dolphins, got drunk celebrating my results and the Miami Heat victory and did more shopping. Then Vegas, which was my favourite place! Pool parties all day, amazing weather, suffocating but incredible heat, gambling, the Grand Canyon and more shops. And finally LA! I took over 400 photos so I'll just show you a few, but other than that I shall let the photos do the rest of the talking! 


  1. I love Vegas, New York, and LA! I haven't been to Miami yet, but that's definitely on my list.

  2. Wow that's a lot of pictures aha I'm so jealous, you must have had such an amazing time (: xoxo

  3. What great photos doll! NYC is my one of my favorite cities here in America! I have to say sides NYC I do love to travel to smaller towns and such but you have got to check out Chicago next time you are here (and Indy too of course)! I'm your newest follower!