Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Mini Haul

Just a few bits I've picked up recently. I'm on a bit of a spending ban this month as i've got too many bills to pay with holidays and courses etc. That being said though, holidays require some new bits right? I'm sure i'll cave. When I went away last year I didnt have any flip flops with me and it was always a bit of a nightmare by the pool, as the floor was too hot and my sandals were too much effort to put on. I'm not one for flip flops, that little bar thing really hurts my feet, but I've given in. I figure I'll just try and get some of those flip flop solution things I've seen knocking about. I saw these Havaianas and decided they were so pretty that I could probably deal with the pain either way. They would look good with a tan too. 

The second thing I got was this Topshop black cut out shoulder top. Pretty simple but I thought it was nice and lightweight and would look great with a statement necklace. Another thing from Topshop was these set of earrings. I've recently gone a bit piercing mad on my ears so as soon as i'm allowed to change them I thought these would look good. I really like the bird. And the cuffs will be good to stop me trying to get even more piercings aha. 

I recently had to part ways with my trusty Topshop faux leather jacket, so I had to go on a hunt for a new one. It was a bit of a fussy trip with me wanting a very specific one. I didnt want it to be too bikery, it had to have pockets, the sleeves had to be able to roll up to three quarter if i wanted..and so on. As always, it was the last place I looked that I found it.. in Zara. And it was only£39.99. 

Finally, I got these black silk like joggers with elasticated ankles and waist. These things are perfect for me as the elasticated ankles means Im able to wear them without being petite. How embarrassing. They're always majorly comfy and versatile. Perfect for airplanes. And an added bonus is their lightweight and take up hardly any space which is great if you're packing them in the suitcase. 


  1. Great finds , Kay !

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  2. Awesome haul. Love the Topshop shoulder cut top!

    I have a new outfit post if you like to check it out?

    Jess xo


  3. Love the jacket! :D

    xx MJ

  4. I've broughts some Havanna's for summer! can't wait to finally wear them!
    Grace X