Sunday, 16 September 2012

Catch 22

In two weeks time I turn 22. It's come around so quickly! I'm not overly thrilled about leaving 21 so I've been trying to think of some pretty things I can buy myself or get as gifts from family. Heres a few things I've had my eye on. I will by no means be getting all of them though. I think the YSL silver and pink ring is my favourite as I have a cold and blue one, which i received for my 21st, so the silver will be a nice change to celebrate a year on. Everything except the ring are available at Selfridges. The ring only seems available from the YSL website. 


  1. Love the ring!

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  2. Oh I love that wallet ! :-)
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    xoxo Keke

  3. Beautiful ring!
    And I've heard so much about Dot, is it a nice scent? (:
    I turned 19 in May and, like you, I wasn't greatly pleased about no longer being 18, not sure why but I preferred that age aha

    1. Yeah its really nice. Ive always used the other Marc Jacobs perfumes but this one has vanilla in too which is my favourite, so im excited :D 17 was my favourite age, when you could get away with having fun doing silly things and not end up in town every weekend aha x