Thursday, 27 September 2012

NARS Ecume Nail Varnish

I've recently been seeing a few celebrities sporting white nail varnish and I think it looks really bold and chic without being tacky and in your face. It took me a while to find one and I probably could of just used the nail varnish that is used to create white tips, but I wanted it to stand out properly. I bought this one from NARS in the colour 'Ecume'. Its a pure white with a semi-glossy finish and opaque with two or three coats. This was quite expensive for a nail varnish at £12 from ASOS but I think it's worth it and is a decent sized bottle. I've had it on for four days and it hasn't chipped. I was a little concerned that with it being white it might get dirty very quickly but it hasn't at all. I'm really pleased with it and will definitely be buying NARS nail varnishes in the future. Those are my real nails too by the way. I've been letting my nails recover from acrylics for a few months, but I'm going to get them put on again tomorrow ready for my birthday celebrations. I'm in no way a beauty expert by the way so I'm sorry if this isn't a very helpful review but it was a product I was really excited about and wanted to recommend. I hope it was of use in some way x

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  1. It's gorgeous! NARS polish has beautiful packaging.