Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Wishlist

This is probably more of a dream list than a realistic wishlist but I though I would put together a collection of things I would absolutely love to own! This can then be used for me to look at and pine for, but also for people to get ideas from. I might even be lucky enough to receive one or two for christmas. What are on your christmas lists? 

- Double grey Pandora Bracelet - £45 
- Time of our lives UO photo album - £18
- Bumble & Bumble gift set including surf spray - £30
- Jack Wills Gillet - £129 
- Marc by Marc lime case for camera/phone - £40 
- Alexander Wang acid pouch - £163 
- Topshop blue vamp sandals - £60 
- Buddha Pandora charm - £30 
- Hunter Short wellies - (Prices vary) £80 in Topshop 


  1. Love the Alexander Wang purse


  2. How fun! I love the bead....

  3. I've had my eye on those Hunter wellies for so long. I love them!

    Kate from Clear the Way