Thursday, 3 January 2013

A week in photos #10 - The last/highlights of 2012

- Christmas presents, Winter Wonderland Yankee, Haircut, Work christmas do
- Dog evils..again, Chinese, Caviar nails, night out
- Old Bottle of Southern Comfort <3
- My favourite outfit (Missguided sequin blazer & red hat)
- YSL ring box & stag ring holder
- Year Highlights..
- Trips to Penarth 
- Seeing The Killers live
- My America trip to Miami, New York, LA and Vegas
- Being in Times Square
- Graduating 

And my final favourite photo comes from when I was in New York.
What a year! On to 2013..
Happy New Year! 


  1. I love your pics, amazing :)

  2. i am JEALOUS about your trip to america! and the Killers concert! can't i just be you?
    Happy new year xx

  3. Really cool photos!!

    Happy and fashionable year!!

    Eirini from

  4. Happy 2013 and amazing pictures!