Monday, 14 January 2013

Little Green Monster

I'm not one for sales, I usually don't find anything I like and I hate the whole manic atmosphere that comes with them. However, when they're online they're not so bad. I must admit I didn't find much online either. I was hoping a lot of the things I liked on asos would be discounted but much to my dismay they weren't. This little piece that I'd been lusting after for a while was though, so i'm very pleased. You may of seen this in my christmas wishlist and seen as in I didnt get it (I had lots of other lovely things though) I decided to treat myself to it for a fraction of the price. So what is it? Its the lime Marc by Marc logo pouch. It came in different colours but I really liked the lime. I think its mainly a camera/phone pouch but sometimes if I cant be bothered taking a bag ill just chuck some other bits in it too like money, keys and a lipstick. I will mainly use it for my camera though, as i'd been after a pretty case for a while. Originally it was about £40 but I got it for £22! And look how pretty the packaging was. It came in a little Harvey Nichols gift bag and was wrapped in their signature paper and secured with a bow. 


  1. So pretty, love the colour! I agree with you I'm not a big fan of sales either!

  2. Amazing purse! love the neon!

    now following ;) x

  3. That is gorgeous! I love it - I want a neon yellow purse :)
    LaceyLoves x

  4. Beautiful purse! :D

    xx MJ

  5. Aww it's gorgeous, love the bright color! <3

  6. Omg, love this Marc Jacobs clutch, so cute in the neon!