Saturday, 10 November 2012

Just BeKors

 If you previously read my Michael Kors watches post, you'll know how much I love them! I'm obsessed with watches and think they're worth the extra money as they're long lasting. I also have a crown tattoo on my wrist, so for work purposes I think its more professional to have it covered or just have below my tattoo so I can easily move the watch up if I do need to cover it. It was recently my birthday and one of these was supposed to be my present but I couldn't decide which one I wanted quick enough as I wear gold and silver equally. The gold and tortoise one is my absolute favourite though! I did get some money for my birthday and I had that watch saved in my asos basket ready to go! But then something amazing happened.. for me anyway. Asos had an app on their facebook website which basically involved spinning a wheel and receiving anything from 10% - 90%. Hoooowever, the app was broken! This meant most people were getting 90%! Asos obviously clocked on to the error and werent giving people their codes. This caused everyone to go a bit mental and start messaging asos abuse. Anyway, long story short, they offered everyone who played a 30% discount. By adding both watches to my basket I saved a massive amount of money. I think it was over £100. The silver watch was £179 so I basically had it for more than half price. I have had some links taken out of them so what I will say is, even though my wrists are small anyway, the watch straps are quite large. Sorry I left the plastic on in some of the photos too. I've paired the watches with some of my other accessories to give you an idea of how I like to wear them. 

Michael Kors - purchased from asos but available in other stores 
Michael Kors Tortoiseshell & Gold Chronograph Watch - £229
Michael Kors Silver Dial Bracelet Watch - £179


  1. I have serious watch envy!

    Efia @


  2. love the michael kors watches would love one the gold one looks amazing .

  3. Lucky! You totally scored on that one. I love his watches too.... I really wanted the rose gold one that came out a few months ago but I most definitely wouldn't say no to either of the ones you have.